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Black and White Photography
by ~darjanpanic.com

Today, if black and white photographs are brought before you, you will most probably be tempted to ask, "Why black and white when I can get color?" Believe it or not, black and white photography gains an extra edge over color photography when you do not have a perfect shooting condition. What's more, you will find your ordinary color photo earn compliments when taken in black and white.

If photography is your passion, then you must know that good photography has the beauty and the ability to stop the pace of time and black and white photographs boast about both these features.

A photographer knows that the efficiency through which a black and white photograph can bring forth dark emotions like loss and depression cannot be compared to color photographs. However, when it comes to passionate emotions, like enthusiasm and joy, opting for color photography will be the best option.

The advanced photographer knows how to incorporate color as well as black and white photography for creating a scene. The picture is rendered a sophisticated look by highlighting the elements of joy in color and the negative elements in black and white.

Though color photography is much in demand for shooting landscapes. Shots of landscape or any other images in black and white usually appear to be fine works of art.

The usage of filter is vital for both color as well as black and white photography. A good photographer will advise you to use the polarizing filter in black and white photography. This helps the sky to be visible and reduces the harshness of the sun rays.

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